If needed, Turkey will use S-400 against Greece

“If Turkey needs it, it will use the S-400 against Greece” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the Hurriyet daily.

“We will not just buy them and put them in a warehouse. We will use them if necessary against our enemy, Greece. It’s a defensive system. Why we spent such a huge amount if we don’t use it? We won’t wait for US again? When we asked them for years, the answer that we were told was: Congress does not allow it. We were tired of it, “Erdogan said.

“Russia responded to the offer with an interesting proposal. They said they would even get into co-production. With respect to our loans, they offered us very good borrowing terms. Now we continue the process, “he added.

Erdogan made these statements at a press conference of Turkey’s biggest television channels.

A Turkish official said recently that the S-400 will be delivered in July 2019.