NASA published new details of planet Mars

NASA published details of Mars, saying it was never so close to sending astronauts to Mars. The plan is based on three elements that will jointly allow the space agency to develop the technical capabilities and scientific knowledge required before sending people to space beyond the Earth’s orbit.

“NASA’s strategy links short-term activities and the development of potential for Mars and a future with a viable human presence in deep space,” said William Gerstenmaier, deputy commander for human exploration and operations at NASA headquarters.

Part of the activities in preparation for the mission to Mars will be focused on the International Space Station (ISS). Research activities focus on experimenting with new technologies and promoting understanding of human health, and performance will provide the basis for a future long-term mission.

Research on the ISS will include human health and behavioral studies, the development of advanced communications and 3D printing systems as well as material testing and the development of resource utilization systems as well as environmental control systems and life support systems.

But Nasa also wants to create new research facilities around the Moon, which will serve as a space where simulated work will be done in the deep space, aiming at “weaning” the missions from the continuous support of terrestrial groups.

The space agency will also try to create a space station on the Moon area for testing systems for long-term missions and perfecting recycling and optimization of resources needed for a mission without refueling capabilities, as will be a mission to Mars .

The final step in this plan is what Nasa calls independent activities beyond Earth, activities where missions Nasa will be transported farther and farther away from the Earth and the Moon, with the ultimate goal of building habitats on the surface of the red planet.