NASA fears of a catastrophic collision of Elon Musk’s missile






A new milestone was made by the $ 100,000 billion red Tesla Roadster of the billionaire businessman Elon Musk, with the “Starfighter” at his wheel – a man-made doll dressed in space suit. Eventually it goes beyond Mars, the original target, to the asteroid belt between the neighboring planet and Jupiter, where the probability of a catastrophic collision is not negligible.

Although, according to experts, cosmic radiation, which in the meantime will bombard the space car and its “driver”, will cause their gradual decomposition until they arrive there after a long voyage.

Musk made it known in a Twitter message that the world’s most powerful rocket, Space X’s Falcon Heavy, who successfully launched from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday night, “overcame Mars orbit and continues aiming at the asteroid belt “. Space X has not yet clarified whether the change of course was made by mistake or purpose.

Some misinterpreted this statement, thinking that the rocket had already reached beyond the “red planet”, something that would take several months. What Musk actually said is that the rocket escaped from its initially planned elliptical orbit that would bring it near Mars and now has entered a new orbit around the Sun that will go even further at the zone of asteroids.

At the far end of its trajectory, the rocket will reach nearly 390 million kilometers from the Sun, about 2.6 times the Earth-Sun distance reported by the Athens News Agency. In this heliocentric orbit, the spacecraft can, as Mask said, remain for even a billion years.