NASA captured the most distant photograph from the Earth






This NASA image has broken a new record in the field of photography, since so far from our planet has never been captured such an image.

The image was captured by the New Horizons capsule from Pluto in July 2015 and reveals a much more diverse landscape than scientists have assumed.

With its innovative imaging technology (Long Range Reconnaissance Imager), New Horizons immortalized several space objects, as well as some other dwarf planets in the Kupier Belt.

New Horizons is just the fifth spacecraft that goes through the heights of our solar system and opens itself into the real immense universe.

NASA program director Alan Stern said: “New Horizons has long been a first-time mission, the first to explore Pluto, the first to explore the Camping Zone and the fastest spacecraft ever launched. And now it can also capture images farther from the Earth than any other spaceship in history … “