Mummy with three fingers and a strange head – Alien or unknown humanoid?

A revelation that causes shock in the global scientific community was made in the area near Peru’s Nazca. A mummy that was revealed had nothing to do with the others. The shape of the head, but above all the fact that the creature had three fingers, signaled an alarm. Scientists now say that they may be ahead of the discovery of an unknown humanoid or even an alien’s relic!

The revelation came a year ago. The mummy was located in a cave near the famous for the shapes on the terrain of Nazca, Peru. The scientists gave the mummy the name Maria. It was covered with a white powder that kept it in excellent condition, which made it obvious by its own eye its differences with a human mummy. She has just three fingers at each end and her head has a very different shape. It looks like an alien, but the scientists have identified human chromosomes, which may rank it in the humanoid category.

The image of the head and legs with the three fingers will remind you E.T. Scientists, however, seem to have put aside the imagination and have done the necessary laboratory tests. There is a series of organs reminiscent of human anatomy, which in combination with chromosomes probably leads to the conclusion that it may be a creature that lived on the planet in a time parallel to man and had similar growth.

Its age is relatively small and is determined in the 5th century AD. At least 100 years before the arrival of European conquerors in the Americas. If it is a humanoid the question is why it is this only and the first finding. How he lost through time and why there are no remains of any civilization or testimonies of people from contact with him as he existed in an area where great civilizations developed.