Mother was washing and dressing her 9-year-old dead daughter for three weeks

An incredible story was revealed in Britain, starring a cheerful mother who opened her heart after losing her nine year old daughter and how she could not separate from her after death. Nyam died after three years of fighting with a rare form of cancer that affects children’s kidneys, with her family deciding to keep her body in the house for three weeks before she is buried.

The mother, Gilly, Davidson, said she was given the opportunity to say goodbye to her daughter: “I could wash and dress her with her favorite clothes. The key to me was to accept her death. If Nyam had vanished from the house and then appeared in a coffin without being able to see her again, I would still be looking for her. ” The tragic mother decided to speak three years after her daughter’s death in November 2014 and revealed she kept the little one in an armchair with low temperatures due to the season.

“I could not leave her anywhere else. It did not seem right to me. She was just 9 years old. I still felt it was a bit of me. ”

But the mother found comfort in her daughter’s last gift to the world, as the eyes of Nyam were given to another little child who needed them. To a teen and to a young one, allowing the little one to live through those. The organ donation was something that had been experienced in the family, since her son, Gillian, is living with a heart transplant when he was a baby.

Nyam was buried in a clear forest, with the family not accepting that their daughter would “remain” in a dark cemetery. In her funeral, the family left dozens of balloons in the sky, while both her friends and relatives brought their pets together, as the little one was very fond of them.