Mother published a photo of her last bath with her son before losing him from cancer

Gemma Lowery has published a heartbreaking photo of her on the internet because she will spend her first Mother’s Day without her son Bradley, who died of cancer. Six-year-old Sunderland supporter died last July after losing the battle with neuroblastoma.

Yesterday morning his mother from Hartlepool encouraged fans of her beloved son to support a campaign to raise money for the purchase of medical equipment for sick children.

“I can not put my brave face today,  Today, my heart is broken, and my sorrow hurts me,” she wrote. This is the first Mother’s Day away from my baby and it’s painful. I miss him so much.” This pain I feel now and the tears running on my cheeks is the reason I work so much to give the other children the necessary treatment.”

Publishing a photo of their last bath together, she said she would remember forever the “little super hero” for his “big smile”. The photos shared today by Gemma were described as “inspired” and “beautiful” by supporters in the social media.

Beverly Boler-Shepherd said: “Your photos are beautiful, Gemma. I can not imagine how you feel today. But I know that your Bradley smiles and wishes you Happy mother’s day.”