Mother looks at her newborn baby with tears. What doctors found in his belly is scary …

When a couple awaits the birth of their baby can be a worrying time. What all parents hope is their child to be born without health problems. But for Amanda and Justin, the parents of Braylee Frankford from Illinois, their worst fears were confirmed when their baby was born without a gallbladder.

Initially diagnosed with jaundice, but the baby’s condition continued to worsen. Her body infused with liquids. Her skin changed color. At this point they took her quickly  to the hospital. Without gallbladder, the accumulation of bile infected its small body to such an extent that doctors had to connect its intestine directly to the liver so that the bile can drain.

Her belly grew in balloon size and was sick at every passing minute. One thing was certain – the baby would not leave the hospital without a liver transplant. And she needed it soon if she wanted to survive.

And although Braylee was at the top of the graft list due to the severity of her case, time was not on her side. So her dad offered to donate part of his liver to his daughter. It was dangerous to undergo such an invasive procedure, but he was ready to do anything to help save his daughter’s life.

And when Justin was preparing for the surgery, the family received an urgent phone call: they had a donor! A generous man who died donated his instruments to children who needed them desperately, like Braylee, . And because the liver was from an adult, it was divided into two children.

The process was successful. The transplanted liver was accepted by Braylee’s body and its skin color almost returned to normal. Suddenly, she was like a whole new baby.

It’s been a year since the baby took the liver. Now, at the age of 19 months, Braylee has good health. Thanks to generous donors, children like Braylee can continue to live their lives. We wish her the best for her future and we hope she will have a long and happy life.