Mother who gives birth sees that the doctor behaves strangely. Then she looks at her feet

Alex Sims from Las Vegas, was ready to give birth, but when her doctor entered the room, she felt that something was going wrong.

Her personal physician was gone and was be replaced by the gynecologist Dr. Frank DeLee. But when he arrived, the pregnant mother smelled the alcohol in his breath. Then, as Sheree says, the doctor began to tell how he had spent his break at the bar.

“I smelled the alcohol and was convinced he had drunk when I heard him say he had just came from the bar,” says the grandmother. She started taking video with her cell phone the doctor and the scene she recorded was terrible. “There were not a lot of people in the bar when I left,” he said to one of the nurses.

Then he continued to say how he liked tequila, and Sheree noticed that under the surgical robes the doctor was without shoes and was wearing a bermuda. But the situation was worse. The pregnant woman remembers and confesses also. “I was telling him that the epidural had to clear up why I felt the pain and he just replied” Oh, put your thick a*s down, “and” I guess you wish your doctor was here. ”

“I was left with my mouth open. I did not think this was happening to me while I was giving birth” And when the newborn, little Jared, showed up, something was not going well with his hand. Physicians have ruled that the aggravated movements of the drunken obstetrician have caused paralysis in the infant’s hand due to damage to the nerves.

Now Alex will face the irresponsible doctor as well as the nurses who have to judge that the doctor should not proceed with the process. Later the family was informed that it was not the first time DeLee had been accused of irresponsible behavior. In 2012 he was sued for a similar incident that cost the injured shoulder of the newborn. Altogether, the cases against him hit the $ 2.7 million compensation.

The young mother appealed to herself for both herself and her son and wants to make sure that the doctor does not retake the profession at the expense of other pregnant women. “They have to assume all their responsibilities and I feel that if I do not talk about my child, no one will do it.”