This mother gave birth to an unusual baby

She did not believe in her eyes  a Vietnamese woman when she saw the weight of her newborn baby … 7,1 pounds. “When my doctor told me that my child was weighing 7.1 pounds, we just could not believe it,” Tran Van Quan, the father of the baby born with cesarean on Saturday in Vinh Puck, told the French Agency.

Before giving birth, the doctors had warned his mother, Nuggen Kim Lien, that her son would weigh about 5 pounds. However, when the nurses placed the baby on the scale in her room, then the mother was shocked.

“He weighed 7.2 pounds wearing a few clothes, a little more than his weight when his mother brought him to life,” said Tran Van Quan, assuring mother and son were healthy.

Hospital staff confirmed the weight of little Tran Quinn at the French Agency, but did not want to comment further. The record of the heaviest baby in Vietnam until Saturday was a girl born in 2008 weighing nearly 7 pounds.

However, the world record, which is also recorded in the Guinness Book, dates back to 1955: an Italian from Avera, near Naples, gave birth to a baby weighing 10.2 kilos.