Mother donated her organs for her son to live






Emotion is triggered by the story of the self-sacrifice of a mother who risked her life in order to be able to make a double donation of organs for her own son. Sarah Lamont, from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, offered one of her kidneys to four-year-old Joe and a few months later surgeons also removed a part of the liver.

The little boy was diagnosed with two aggressive diseases before his first birthday: polycystic kidney disorder and another serious form of liver disease. Doctors were worried that Joe could not survive as his swollen kidneys threatened vital organs.






Therefore, the boy’s kidneys were removed when he was only a few days old and he was living under hemodialysis since then. Expressing her concern at the fact that her son lost a huge part of his life, the mother took the situation in her hands and initiated the organ donation procedures. But the days passed and there was no response

“Then I thought I could give a part of my liver, and Joe could get my kidney, too,” says the young mother. I’m so glad I could help my little boy. It’s an amazing feeling. ”

Now, a few months after the recovery, Joe is healthier than he ever had in his life and even managed to go swimming for the first time. And while he may be on medication for the rest of his life, his mother reports that his quality of life has improved by 100%.