Monica Bellucci rejects suspicions against tax fraud case

Italian actor Monica Bellucci has denounced her suspicions of tax evasion today, denouncing “both malicious and radically wrong information”.

“I have refuted the information, which is so malicious and fundamentally wrong, that some media reported on my tax situation,” the actor said in a press release issued after an article by M├ędiapart published, according to which tax French authorities have asked the Swiss authorities for bank information regarding the actor’s statements in Switzerland.

“Although I am pursuing my professional activities mainly outside France, I have chosen to stay in France. So I pay my taxes in France, “Monica Bellucci stressed.

“At the last inspection of my tax returns, I forwarded to the French tax authorities all the information and information that I requested and which were necessary to resolve the issue. I have fully met my obligations to France, “she added.

“Therefore, I can only denounce the transmission of provocative information and so vague, under the guise of a purely technical procedure, in order for me to move the red cloth of tax evasion,” the 53-year-old actress said in her statement.

In a decision that came to the attention of the French Agency, dated 16 April and published on 2 May, the Swiss Federal Court allowed the Swiss authorities to forward to the French authorities the bank files on Monika Bellucci’s deposits in Switzerland.

As the RES reported, the request from the French authorities was made in June 2015 and concerns income tax for 2011 and 2012 and the solidarity tax on property for the years 2011 and 2013 of the actress, the document states.

According to the Federal Court of Justice, the French tax authorities suspect that the actor is “resident in France, and has also declared a British tax office and concealed taxable income in France through (…) a British Virgin Islands-based company holds at least one bank account in Switzerland ‘.