Mom believes her 5-year-old son is too young to learn to read

The comedian and mother, Crystal Lowery, reacted with a Facebook post that she confessed that she does not want her child to read. Then, she gave some reasons for her decision and the truth is that when you make such a statement, it is good to have good reason.

He is very busy learning other things. He learns how to be good in sports … He learns to build … He learns how to practice … He learns how to care for things … He learns to be creative. He tries to emphasize that he plays and learns new important things every day. But he will not learn to read. ‘

She says that although her son will not know to read when she goes to class, she will know a lot more

The ability to test new things without being disappointed. The ability to make friends, listen to others and follow instructions. The ability to solve problems. The ability to concentrate on a problem. ‘

There is too much that our children can not learn from books. ‘ Some day his life will be filled with mathematics and physics, but today he has more important things to learn, “he concludes.

Crystal felt that she had to do this post after hearing some parents pride because their children have learned to read from a very young age. Many on the internet felt they were hurt by their child who did not learn to read. Others said the lessons she wanted to learn about her son need not be separate from reading.

Indeed, learning to read could help him learn a lot of what his mother wants, such as concentration, problem solving, and persistence.