Mobile sperm test

Sperm tests like pregnancy tests! US researchers have developed a handy portable system for the automatic analysis of a man’s sperm. Thereby facilitating the examination of male infertility, an accuracy rate reaching 98%.
The innovative semen test comprises an application (app) and a small device like a box, which is connected to the mobile and in which is placed the sample of semen.

The device associated with the mobile and into which the sperm (in a disposable pouch after being cast), transforms the mobile camera to microscope and contains a “chip” that analyzes the sperm and then sends the data to application mobile. The latter guides the user step by step to complete the test, the result of which is displayed on the phone screen within seconds.

For “true revolution” in the control of male fertility, now made possible by the same man, saide researcher John Petroza, director of Fertility Center HospitalĀ of Brigham and Women’s. Existing sperm analysis systems in clinical costing 50,000 and 100,000 dollars. The new test will probably be available even outside pharmacies.

The researchers said that in future the device could also be used for the analysis of blood and saliva. At present, however, the new test will be passed by more clinical trials, before submitted to the Commission Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US application for the marketing authorization.