Mistakes that can spoil your sleep

A good and quality sleep is essential to be able to cope with a demanding day. However, probably, often you feel that you are getting tired and very moody. Various factors can affect your sleep and eventually spoil it so you do not have the energy you need the next day.

Check out some common mistakes you make with your sleep …

1. You Sleep in a very hard or soft mattress

With very hard layers, heavy parts of the body, such as the pelvis, are strained because blood circulation is blocked, so you get tired. Correspondingly, of course, too soft layers create a curve in the body, resulting in the spine and joints not rest in their natural attitude.

2. You Sleep upright

This particular sleep posture causes some obvious problems, such as breathing. In addition, the spine is burdened. This often results in pains in the neck and back. To help your body rest really, put a cushion under the armpit and one under your pelvis.

3. You Go to bed with full of stomach

To avoid indigestion, you should go to bed three hours after the last meal of the day. Evening should be light without too much fat or spice.