Mishandled organisms- a threat-to-be maybe?

The U.S. military who got injured this year for erroneously shipping live anthrax samples, reports on Thursday that its labs were being explored for conceivably mismanaging other organisms, including the one which is responsible for plague.

The news leaked a week after the Army announced a delay on the prolongation, handling, testing and shipment of biological agents and toxins.

According to CDC, “At this time, there is nothing to suggest risk to the health of workers or the general public,”

CDC highlighted the questions at an Aug. 17 inspection which was conducted at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, where the army presented their latest investigation regarding whether the strain of Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes plague, was fully virulent or not.

Peter Cook, who is a Pentagon spokesman, acknowledged that the sample was not in an area under regulation. Instead, it was placed in a freezer which was situated beyond the boundaries of that region. Further testing was done by the army who mentioned that sample was not infected but still further test are in progress.

Cook also said that

“That’s the scientific work that’s being done at this particular time determining exactly what happened there and whether or not, again, there was mislabeling,”

CDC embossed the issue about characterizing the other materials, including derivatives of equine encephalitis viruses.

In the latter half of May, concerned personnel found that the live anthrax had been delivered to the experimenters in different countries including America, and in July the Pentagon claimed that the error exposed major troubles regarding its handling of the killer bacteria.

A Pentagon investigation found live anthrax spores which were sent from Dugway Proving Ground in Utah to labs in 20 states and the District of Columbia, plus Japan, Britain, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Italy and Germany.

Pathogens were maintained at four Defense Department labs and issues regarding the matter were being investigated by CDC.