Miranda’s Sex and the City as a candidate for governor of New York

Nixon, according to reports from the American press, began choosing associates, some of whom worked for the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasius according to NY1.

“Given that De Blasius and New York Governor, Andrew Kouomos are quite alienated, although they are both Democrats, many people worried, they encourage Sinthya to be a candidate. But when she makes a decision, she will certainly reveal her plans, “said the representative of the actor, Rebeka Capelan.

Nixon, 51-year-old, does not deal with politics for the first time. She has crossed her swords with Kuohos for public education. It supports, among other things, increased funding for public schools and awareness raising campaigns on breast cancer and gay rights.

Indeed, she has been arrested outside the New York City Hall during a demonstration to raise funds for public education. The actor-awarded Tony is a spokesman for the Alliance for Quality Education, a New York-based organization for “high-quality academic opportunities”.

She has expressed her opposition to the policy pursued by US President Donald Trump and has been in favor of former President Barack Obama.