Melania Trump’s styling and dress diplomacy courses from

Style and dress diplomacy courses handed over by the first lady of the US president Donald Trump Melania Trump in Sicily.

At the same time that her husband becomes viral for his various unintentional moves, such as pushing Montenegrin Prime Minister at the NATO Summit, Melania Trump overshadows all other first ladies in her flawless style and attentive her astonishing appearance.

Accompanying her husband the US president Donald Trump on her first official trip outside of the US, she dazzles fashion lovers with stylistic choices. The first US lady arrived in Sicily, accompanying Donald Trump for the G-7 Summit, wearing a classic black dress.

A few hours later, the photographers sniffed her out of the limousine with a fitting beige-pink dress and coats in the same color and a unique Italian designer overcoat to honor the country she was visiting, wearing an Italian garment that was sewn on it various flowers in many colors.

The 46-year-old Ink has managed to overshadow the other first ladies she met.