Meghan Markle’s worst Photoshop fail!

Only a few days after the palace announced the engagement of Meghan Markle with Prince Harry, the American actor appeared on the cover of the French magazine Elle as a future princess. Note that the photo was taken long before the couple’s engagement was announced.

Meghan Markle elegant and beautiful, wearing a jeans shirt, midi skirt with white daisies and a pair of long earrings while her hair is combed backwards. What is realy intersting is the disappearance of the freckles from the face of Meghan Markle, something that has to do with Photoshop.

Meghan Markle has been publicly expressed about how she feels when magazines are trying to “cleanse” her face. When she was interviewed by Allure, she said, “I want to share with you something that my daddy told me when I was young:” A person without freckles is a night without stars “.

Nevertheless, as all this seems, Elle France is unfairly in the position of the accused. As they used an old photo on the cover of this month. Photo, which was published two years ago at Gritty Pretty. And in that issue of the Australian fashion magazine were published also other photos with freckles.