Marvelously Eerie Moment Astronauts Pass Through Auroras

Many of us only dream of watching the Auroras, and only some get the rare and amazing chance of actually seeing them! And to such people, Astronauts live the ultimate dream of being able to watch them several times in a lifetime.

However, for the crew members of the International Space Station, an epic and marvelous experience presented itself when the station drifted right through the Auroras as it orbited Earth. The ISS orbits Earth once every 92 minutes at a speed of 17,000 mph and a height of 248 miles above Earth. Major Tim Peake managed to capture photos of their unique experience from a window in the station and posted it to Twitter:


Aurora Borealis, or Northern and Southern Lights, is an amazing scientific phenomenon; it is the effect of energetic particles from solar winds colliding with the gas in Earth’s atmosphere. This spectacle of brightly colored lights happened at the poles because Earth’s magnetic fields attract these particles towards them.