Married imam was arrested in his attempt to meet a young boy to have sex






Pedophile hunters have released a video showing an imam trying to meet a 15-year-old boy to have sex with him . Married father with five children from Greater Manchester Flixton was accused of having spent almost an hour with his car to find himself sexually with the boy while his mother was at work.

The ‘teen’ met 45-year-old at Grindr and recorded their meeting outside a mosque in Lancashire’s Blackburn.

The man felt embarrassed when he realized that the messages he thought he had sent to the boy were actually sent to pedophile hunters. In the messages he asked the alleged boy “how much” he wanted to have sex with him when they met through an application for gay acquaintances.

While planning their online encounter, he said he would give him an envelope so he could claim that he was there for work if asked by someone. When he tackled the hunters, the actor denied their accusations, but acknowledged that “he could be killed” because homosexuality is “against his religion.”






The video showing their crackdown, was posted yesterday on Facebook and has been viewed over 140,000 times. As he is questioned by pedophile hunters, the accused desperately tries to cover his face with a scarf. One of the hunters asks, “You are a Muslim, and what you have done is against your religion. Is it against your religion to be gay? ”

And he replies: “Yes, it is. I could have been killed. ”

The hunter says: “It’s not bad to be gay, no. But you tell me it’s against your religion to be gay. So, you know it’s wrong what you did, especially to meet a child. ” Covering his mouth with his hand, he says: “They could have killed me.”

The actor said he thought the man he was meeting was 18 years old but a hunter told him: “No, he repeatedly told you he is 15. You have brought cash with you today. You came here to meet him for sex, buddy. ”

“Does any of your family members know you’re in Grindr?”

The other hunter adds, “I do not understand how you will pray to any God while you have sex with a 15-year-old.”

He then remains silent until the police arrive and the hunters hand over their own evidence.