Maradona: “Some don’t want to see me well”

Maradona spoke to the Spanish newspaper Marca and reported that some idiots want to “kill him” by tarnishing his profile, but he will not make them the … pledge. “To all Spanish fans and to all your readers I would like to tell them that I have a very hard shell to kill some idiots. When I made a mistake, I said it and I got cured but now I am totally fine, some people don’t want to see me well and I am sorry for them, I will continue in the same way for my children and my grandchildren., “Maradona commented.

Of course, Digeo, among other things, was again asked about his criticism of Squirous Ramos, essentially repeating what he has said: “If Serbo Ramos wants to apologize to him. But I’m not going to change what I think in the football. He is a great footballer, he is a leader, he can become a leader, as we see in Real, but for me he is not a playwright. If Sergius is affected by this, I apologize to him, but I continue and think in the same way. ”

Maradona also underlined that Argentina and Messi can still write history in the World Cup despite the bad appearances: “Of course, it may be the Medieval World Cup. It just started, it’s too early. As Ronaldo said in my schedule, teams should start attacking. Otherwise you will go to the penalty shootout. If you only defend yourself, then you will lose, as it usually happens. “