Man threw homeless items in a lake

A video recorded by a citizen in Auckland, California, became viral, causing unfavorable comments and too many reactions. This shows a jogger without any obvious reason to take the items of a homeless man and toss them into a lake and inside bins.

The jogger also ravened the homeless, who was not there at the time of the incident. Citizens were trying to tell him that what he is doing is totally wrong, but he claimed to be disgusting and the place “smells bad”. An unprecedented wave of support rose and embraced the needy and homeless man, as dozens of new and clean clothes, sheets and blankets were gathered in record time, which they delivered to him.

The mayor of the city departed from the behavior of the runner, while groups of citizens gathered signatures to locate the man and to account for his act. The wave of solidarity and the incident itself has brought to light the huge issue faced by more than 12,000 people in the Oklahoma who live on the street.