A man slept six days beside his dead wife

Next to his dead wife slept for six days Russell Davison, not resisting the idea that her body would be transferred to the morgue. The 50-year-old was crushed by the loss of his wife, who died three years after her doctors had given her six months of life. Wendy was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2006 and was determined to leave her last breath at home.

When she died last month, Russell did not want her body to be transferred to the morgue. And so he slept beside her, as Daily Mail writes, at their home in Derby, wanting to send the message that there is nothing scary about being next to the dead body of your loved one.

“Wendy died peacefully and painlessly in my own hands. Death is a taboo issue in our society, no one wants to talk about it. I had decided that Wendy would remain home after her death. I did not want to go to either the morgue or a ceremony office. I wanted to take care of her in our own home in our bedroom so I could be in the same room, “Russell confesses.

“The fact that her body was here and could sit with her all day long, to bring relatives and friends, to talk to her, to light a candle was a very beautiful and relieving experience for me and for all those who participated “continues.

When her doctors gave her six months of life, the couple decided to live the “now” and bought a caravan with which she was filming Europe. Their trip ended last September when they had to go home because Wendy could not stand the pain anymore.

She took care of her house with Russell, their two sons, Luke and Dylan, and the children of Russell Benjamin and Dominic Davison. “We are fooling about television and movies and we think there is something scary in the dead bodies – there is not, I assure you,” he adds.