Man was shot by his dog in the leg

A man from Iowa was injured by a bullet when his … dog shot him, an accident that once again highlights the dangers of US arms. Richard Rimi, 51, was playing on the sofa of his home in Fort Doge on Wednesday with his four-legged boyfriend, Bailey, when he tried to take him out of his arms.

Bailey attempted to resurrect the bosom of his boss who brought his pistol into his belt, a 9mm Rugger.

“I was on the couch and we made jokes, I and the dog. I dropped him off my knees and he jumped and went back, “the victim told the local newspaper The Messenger. Béliou, which is a pitbull and labrador junction, seems to have somehow managed to take out the safety of the gun and press the trigger with his paw. The ball was pinned to Rhyme’s foot.

The 51-year-old phoned the first aid and was transferred to a hospital.

“My dog ​​shot me,” said the victim to the surprised policeman.

“I have not heard that before,” the head of the local police, Roger Porter, told the newspaper.

“Shooting your dog can only happen in America,” said Shannon Watts, the founder of a mother-to-child organization.