Man on death row requests not to be executed due to health problems

Russell Bucklew is detained in the United States, sentenced to the death penalty. Four years ago, his execution was canceled at the last minute and now the 49-year-old once again asks the US Supreme Court to intervene and not allow to be executed for health reasons.

Bucklew is scheduled to be executed today by lethal injection. He has been convicted of the death of his ex-girlfriend in 1996. If he goes ahead, he will be the first in Missouri since January 2017. But he says this process is likely to make tumors in his head ” explode “.

As Independent explains, the 49-year-old suffers from cavernous hemangioma, a cerebral vascular dysplasia. This causes him weak and altered in the shape of blood vessels, tumors in his head, neck and lips, and problems in the arteries.

His lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court explaining that his situation has deteriorated since 2014, when his execution was canceled. According to her, his tumors have grown and during his execution are likely to burst and cause bleeding, causing him to drown out of his own blood.

Bucklew was outraged when his girlfriend Stephanie Ray divorced him in 1996. He attacked her with a knife, beat her up and threatened to kill her. She took her children and left. The two weeks that followed, after the separation, Bucklew followed her.

Eventually he invaded her new boyfriend’s house, shot him and killed him. As for Ray, he handcuffed her, dragged her into his car and raped her. The police chased him and arrested him. However, he managed to escape from prison and ran into Ray’s mother’s house, where he attacked her with a hammer before being finally arrested.