Man claiming that he escaped from Alcatraz wrote a letter to FBI!

The FBI, who had then investigated the case, concluded that the food triad had been drowned in the San Francisco Bay, although he did not have irrefutable proofs for it. A little over half a century later, the FBI received a strange letter from a man claiming to be John Anglin. In which he says that he, his brother and a third have managed to survive the bold business.

And while he was delivered to the FBI in 2013, the letter was only revealed to the public. According to the newspaper “Metro,” the letter says: “My name is John Anglin. I escaped Alcatraz in June 1962 with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris. I am 83-year-old and in bad condition. I have cancer. Yes, we all made it that night, but just! Frank died in October 2005. His grave is in Alexandria by another name. My brother died in 2011. ”

“If you tell on TV that I promise to go to jail no more than a year and receive medical care, then I will write to you informing you where I am. This is not fun, it is reality and honest truth. ”

A law spokesman, however, spoke on KPIX 5: “There is no reason to believe that none of them would change their way of life and would become a law-abiding citizen after escape.” John and Clarence were convicted in 15-20 years behind bars for a bunch of bank robberies. They tried to punish them in three different prisons, but after repeated attempts to escape, they were sent to “Rock”.

And they finally escaped from there, although the FBI considered them half a century as drowned in the sea. Their story was the one that gave birth to the film “Escape from Alcatraz” (1979) with Clint Eastwood …