A magical wine bootle

A significant problem when pouring wine is the beverage flowing to the outer side of the bottle. Usually we use a towel around it to avoid accidents. However, a biophysicist and wine lover probably found the solution. Daniel Perlman, biophysicist at Brandeis University, he decided to find a cheap and easy solution to the problem.
“There are products on the market that prevent the flow of wine in the bottle neck when serving, but cost,” says Perlman, inventor himself with more than 100 patents to his name. The scientist wanted a free solution that did not require wine lovers to give money or do anything other than to buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it.

I did not want to have the added cost or hassle of a component,” he said.
He attended several times in slow motion video with the bottle and realized that the flow was more intense when it was full.  The wine reached the edge and some drops flowed back because the glass is hydrophilic (attracts fluids based on water).

The thought was brilliant! Use a diamond and make a circular groove around the neck, just below the rim. Now the drops of wine flowing backwards, meet the groove and can not cross it thus follow the course of the wine in the glass. to refine the size and depth of the groove made many tests and finally found that width of 2 mm and 1 mm depth was not enough to enable the wine to cross it.