Liz Hurley’s model nephew Miles Harley died after been stabbed in London street attack

The famous actress and model rushed to the side of her 21-year-old nephew, who was hospitalized in a critical condition after multiple stabs with knife from an unknown.

Liz Harley returned hurriedly from the US in London when she learned that her nephew was found stabbed. Miles Harley received the attack from an unknown. Family and the police are calling for anyone who saw the incident to contact with the authorities.

A friend of the family said in the Sun newspaper: “Unfortunately, the knife hit vital organs.

“The police and the medical staff were impeccable. Thanks for the messages. It’s a difficult time for him and for our family, “she wrote in her twitter account. Miles’s mother is Liz Harley’s big sister and they have very close contacts, as she has given advice on the career of her nephew, who is a model.