This is the list of things Elon Musk wants to do by 2030

Having already been successful in launching the Falcon Heavy missile, the most powerful and technologically advanced system we ever sent up there, Musk is ready to go for more . In 2022 he plans to send the BFR missile to Mars as the first cargo ship to the Red Planet. Two years later, if everything goes the right way, it will organize the first manned mission on Mars!

BFR will not be used exclusively in Space but also on Earth, allowing the fastest trips ever seen by humans. SpaceX is already perfecting technology to be able to fly its travelers from London to Los Angeles to … 32 minutes!

He also has Tesla in his shots, wanting to shed a bunch of impressive four-stroke achievements. In the next few months, not only Tesla’s electric farmer, but also the much anticipated Model Y, the unofficial name for the SUV of the company.

By 2020, Elon will have perfected its own independent driving system and unmanned vehicles will plow the streets. In the same year, Tesla Roadster 2.0 will be ready, which promises to catch 0-100 km / h in 1.9 seconds. But all Tesla will have autonomy at … 1,000 kilometers.

And while he did not say anything about his other big project, the Hyperloop system, when it would be ready, had previously said we had to wait for it before 2030. This is a job of his other company, The Boring Company, has been eliminating traffic in Los Angeles through an extensive underground network of vehicles that will drive at 200 km / h.

And while all this is about to say enough, Musk is also planning to build a huge factory for his Tesla in China to build his notorious batteries. A lot of things for a 12-year horizon do not you think?