A life-long battery made from diamond

The idea of ​​creating a battery powered by nuclear power is not new. For decades, scientists have been experimenting with different types of technologies and materials to create batteries that exploit the potential of nuclear power but at the same time have as many applications as possible and of course they are safe for humans.

Initially, the construction of nuclear batteries was achieved, but their size was such that it did not allow them to be widely used. In recent years, various types of small-size nuclear batteries have been developed from harmless radioactive materials, without having managed to pass any of them from laboratories to industrial use.

Scientists in Russia have created a new type of nuclear battery and are optimistic that it can get into our everyday life. The battery developed researchers from the Institute of Advanced Coal and Innovative Carbon Materials in Moscow that used diamond instead of silicon in the semiconductor construction and produces energy from the breakdown of the radioactive isotope nickel-63.

According to researchers, this battery has a 100 year life span and a huge range of applications. This battery can be used by pacemakers, which will of course never need recharging up to space technologies. Using diamonds may, according to experts, help build longer battery life than the ones made by the Russians. They report as an example carbon-14, a radioactive material that by using a diamond semiconductor could in theory deliver batteries with a life span of over five thousand years!