Lacoste is changing its logo for a good reason!

Do we care that animals and birds are in danger of disappearing? Do we care that future young people will hear their names, look for them in pictures or videos, and parents will say “yes, did they once exist, like the dinosaurs that are no longer there”? And if the dinosaurs disappeared due to causes we did not cause, those species of animal kingdom that are now at risk of extinction are at risk from us.

A fashion house, whose products are a “market of prestige,” took the initiative to remind us that their disappearance is very close.

In 1933, French tennis player René Lacoste, along with Andre Zielet, owner of the largest knitwear company in France, founded the Lacoste. And on the famous pole, over the heart, a little green crocodile (because Renee Lacoste’s fans called him “The Crocodile”, such was his stubbornness in the tennis courts).

At Fashion Week in Paris on March 1, 2018, Lacoste presented a limited edition of his well-known poles. She laughed at Lacoste X Save Our Species. Made, 1,775 pole, overall. They were exhausted. In these, the little green crocodile was replaced with one – every other time – of the 10 extinct species of the animal kingdom that the house had chosen to draw our attention to the problem.

It was all embroidered in the same way that the 85-year-old Lacoste distinctive mark, the historic “Crocodile”, has been embroidered: The Cygnus of the Angegda Island (a British Virgin Islands iguana), the Gulf of California, the Tiger of Sumatra, the Rinocer of Java, the Kondor of California, ten in all.

Sales revenue, will be given to the International Union for the Protection of Nature (IUCN), an international organization working for this purpose for over 70 years. And the Lacoste X Save Our Species series marks the beginning of a three-year collaboration between Lacoste and IUCN.