Krissi Taigen revealed that she ate her placenta after birth and saw some great results

The revelation that she ate the placenta after her second childbirth, in order to avoid the postpartum depression, was made by Krisi Tajgen.

The 32-year-old model, in an interview with CBS, revealed that he made this move when she gave birth to the son of Miles Theodore to the world last May. The reason was that she “wanted to avoid the postpartum depression that had passed since the birth of her daughter” and, according to her, she had an effect.

“Is it not  normal? I’m in Los Angeles, so this is very normal. They cook it here. You can try a little bit of my own then, “she told the presenter.

Krisi Tajgen is not the only one who has done so, as both Kim Cardashian and Alicia Silverstone both did so.

Consumption … placenta has become “fashionable” as some believe it can improve the mood and energy of young mothers, and that it can increase milk. Many are women who convert the placenta into pills.

However, doctors, according to USA Today, warn that this tactic may hide health risks.