Kim Kardashian’s luxury house is threatened by the fire in Los Angeles!

Tens of thousands of people, including celebrities, are leaving their homes in the threat of the fire in rich districts of southern California, where hundreds of buildings have already been devastated by fire. “The fire in Los Angeles is terrifying. My home is now being evacuated to take out all the pets. I thank all the firefighters who risk their lives to save ours. You are true heroes, “commented Paris Hilton on Twitter.

The singer Lana del Rey wrote that she had “ashes in her car”, while comedian Chelsea Hudler commented, “It’s like Donald Trump puts a fire on the world. Literally and figuratively. Stay safe. Dark Seasons “. Firefighters warn that they can not control the fire in Los Angeles’s Bel Air, a neighborhood where many celebrities live.

Strong forces over a thousand men are trying, so far, to limit the fire as the flames descend from the slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains. Police have been forced to close one of the busiest 15-kilometer highways in America, while eyewitnesses said they saw the entire hillside near Bel Air flaming and a fiery ball to devour everything in its midst.

The fire rages near the Skirball Cultural Center as well as the famous Getty Center Museum. One of the fiery fronts arrived in a property and a winery owned by the media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch, while several stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cher and Kim Cardassian express their thanks to the firefighters with their messages.

“I never thought I would play the game” what you grab to take with you “if a fire breaks out. Until now I managed to get my daughter Luna, some cookies and the Spike TV award, “said Christy Tyingen. Several other fiery fronts are raging across southern California, while the task of firefighting is hampered by strong winds over 100 km in the area, preventing aircraft and helicopters from throwing water.