Kidney transplantation in a patient with rare metabolic syndrome

Another milestone in the recent history of transplants in Cyprus has been achieved, as Professor Vassilis Hadjianastasiou announced today. The transplantation was performed at the Nicotine General Hospital of Transplantation and concerns a kidney transplantation in a patient with a very rare metabolic syndrome, an operation that places Cyprus in the “world map” of kidney transplants for rare metabolic diseases.

Hadjianastasiou, presenting the incident, reported that the patient suffered from a disease characterized by a gene mutation resulting in the lack of enzyme necessary for the branched chain amino acid metabolism. He noted that this, without transplantation, leads with certainty to the loss of life in the first 2-3 decades of the patient’s life.

Mr. Chatzianastasiou thanked those who worked for the successful outcome of the intervention, while special mention was made of the support received by the Transplantation Clinic from the Ministry of Health, which affects about 1,000 families in Cyprus. Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou, in turn, assured that the ministry will continue to be at the side of the transplant team and will strengthen its work.

The Health Minister referred to the remarkable work carried out by the Transplantation Clinic since its inception at Nicosia General Hospital. “Approximately 200 kidney transplants have been performed, with the percentage of viability of the transplants but also of the patients themselves being much higher than the average in other developed countries. These results are undoubtedly the best in the world and honor Cyprus, “Mr. Ioannou said.

He added that currently there are five Pancyprian Dialysis Units, where about 800 hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients are served. Eighty hundred kidney transplant patients are monitored in public hospitals and perform an average of 25 kidney transplants per year.