Katy Perry shocked her followers with the photo she uploaded

A Katy Perry’s post was enough to cause a wave of reactions to Instagram and to divide her online friends. “Current mood” wrote as a caption in the photo that was published by the singer but it was not that phrase that created a negative climate. The picture depicted the goddess Kali, and this was seen as a wicked move by herself.

In a matter of minutes, her profile filled hate messages and comments with a question about what the singer’s movement would like to express.
“Do not show disrespect to a deity. This photo can not describe a “mood”.

You must have values. Delete this photo “was one of the comments of online users. “It is an insult for the Hindus community because the message behind this photo symbolizes something different. I’m not sure about your intention, but you might want to express strength and courage, “wrote another user.

On the other hand, there were also several who supported it: “Do not listen to those who are in enemies. Some have a hobby to attack, “wrote an online friend while another” I honestly appreciate your interest in Hinduism. From India with love. ”