The Katy Perry cooking, sleeping and doing yoga in front of the cameras

Katie Perry, as her fans have never seen before: In a TV marathon, the famous singer allowed television crews to film her at home for four days. In front of the television lens, Perry talks about the depression she faced and her rivalry with Taylor Swift.

The American singer agreed to star in this TV channel as part of the promotion of her new album, “Witness”. Her fans were then invited to her home in Los Angeles for the weekend, until late Monday local time. Viewers saw the pop music star cooking, sleeping, doing yoga, grooming Naget’s dog and chatting with her famous friends visiting her.

Despite her exposure to the spotlight, the artist confessed she had difficulty managing the world’s attention.

“I made this personality of Katie Perry that everyone knows, and for this reason people are interested in me, that’s fantastic, but it’s mostly a mask,” Catherine Hudson said, as her real name is, The duration of a psychotherapy where she often did not manage to hold back her tears.

“I am ashamed that despite the fact that Katie Perry is very strong, it is difficult. I’m ashamed to have such thoughts, and I feel so unethical and so sad, “she says to psychologist Siri Shinch.

“I am a human being and I live under this crazy microscope,” she said.

“Look at Katie Perry, she’s so charming, she’s rich, she lives in luxury, she’s successful … and when I was Catherine Hudson I did not have any money, I did not have any influence, I had nothing”, described the young singer who recently reconciled her parents, conservative Christians.

The former brunette star also referred to her new haircut, short haired blonde hair: it was an attempt to “be 100% of myself because I did not feel well when I had the impression I could not be.” Katie Perry spoke about the rivalry with Taylor Swift.

“I forgive her and I regret everything I did. I hope she feels the same, “she said, speaking to Ariana Haffington.

The two singers confronted, among other things, the dancers who claimed to work in their live appearances, while Taylor Swift accuses Katie Perry of taking her co-workers while she was on a tour.