Justin Bieber’s new amazing girlfriend will shock you

When you are young, handsome, famous and rich, you will hardly be able to land on the ground, and even harder, you will manage your finances.

Fan of  supercars Justin Bieber, received a few days ago at the luxury hotel complex at Laguna Beach, a brand new, flawless Lamborghini Aventador which he himself designed as a result of which the value exceeds $ 500,000.

It is not the first Lambo to acquire as he has two more, with which he has even been involved in accidents.

The Italian supercar of 730 hp arrived  loaded in a lorry truck. The passers-by stop to admire it, and at one point the Canadian pop star with a sports suit and slipper (!) Appears to pick up his Lambo.

After taking pictures and taking videos with his mobile for the necessary game in social media, he enters the supercar, starts it and leaves.