Justin Bieber’s crazy demands for his concert in India

For his first great concert in India, Justin Bieber is preparing and the preparations are in full swing. In view of the long-awaited show in Bubai on May 10, journalist Arjun S Ravi claims he received a list of requests from the famous pop star.

The list that has been published in the media and has become viral in social media is reported to include an Indian yoga casket full of essential oils and incense sticks, books on the principles of chakras and asanas, various types of food from Haribo to seasoned vegetables with ranch frozen fruits, organic bananas and grapes.

Snacks should also include a platter of organic turkey, lettuce, colby and provolone cheese, black olives, and green peppers and bananas. In the background, there will be white sliced ​​bread, potato chips, peppermint cheeses and watermelon, popcorn with white cheddar, Ghiradelli black chocolate with salt, almonds, dried fruit, peanuts and whole grain cereals.

During his four-day stay, gastronomy experts from across the country will oversee Bieber’s gourmet meals that will be renamed and have their song titles. Justin Bieber and his team will be staying in two five-star hotels for which security reasons will not leave other guests in rooms with the best view, in the quietest place with only huge beds and a 24-hour gym.

The suite in which the singer will stay will be specially decorated and will have carnations in his favorite color, the purple – not lilies, which are banned strictly. “In ten containers, a ping-pong table, PlayStation, IO HAWK, sofas, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a wallpaper, a wardrobe, a back massage will be transported by air,” the press release quoted in the list of pop singer requests.

Still it is presented to have asked for 10 luxury sedans and two Volvo buses for his 120-person escort and one Rolls Royce for himself. In the endless list, published by the journalist, Justin Bitter confronts other international artists, not to go to the stage of the concert by car  but by helicopter. The organizers will also have a private jet and another helicopter if he needs to travel within the country.