Judges will be able to drive even drunk, without being in danger of being arrested






Russian police officers no longer have the right to arrest judges who commit road traffic offenses, even if they are drunk, according to an amendment to the Road Traffic Code that was revealed today.

The new code, published in the official newspaper of the government, forbids traffic police officers to remove the driving license of the judges. The only remaining option for police officers who want to enforce the law is to prepare a report and submit it to the Ministry of Justice.

This regime has so far only applied to prosecutors. The aim was “to prevent the police from putting pressure on prosecutors,” as advocated by the Prosecutor General’s Office, whose initiative was this new measure.

Recently, the law for drunk drivers has become tougher in Russia: drivers who cause fatal injuries while drinking alcohol can be punished by at least two years’ imprisonment.¬†About 20,000 people are killed each year in road accidents in Russia.