Johnny Hallyday’s favourite sports car shocked everyone at an auction






A very rare Italian racing car, an Iso Grifo A3-C, one of the first sports cars of Johnny Hallyday, the French rocker who died recently, will be released on February 7 in Paris, Sotheby’s said. The two-seater, 300 hp, with a 5.3-liter Chevrolet V8 engine, is estimated at three million euros, its net value plus the value added to it by its famous first owner.

The Iso Grifo A3-C, made in just 10 copies, was designed in 1964 by Ferrari’s ex-car engineer Giotto Bitsarini. The aluminum alloy body is signed by Bertone. Having only 26,000 km on its stand, the car was first bought by Johnny Hallyday in an auction in November 1965.

A big fan of sports cars, Johnny Hallyday died on December 5th from complications of lung cancer at the age of 74. Hundreds of thousands of people went down the streets of Paris a few days later to pay tribute to the “young people’s idol”.

“Driving a car is wonderful. At the wheel of a sports car, I feel just like when I’m on stage, alone with my audience, “he said in an interview.

“The presence of an Iso Grifo A3-C alone is an extremely rare event in itself. Adding to its stunning origins, this auction gives an absolutely unique opportunity for collectors, “said Ogustin Sampaie-Garra, RM Sotheby’s Europe’s auto auctions.

At the auction organized at the Retromobile 2018 exhibition, more than 80 rare cars will be put on sale, including Ferrari (166 Spider and 275 GTB), a McLaren P1 2014 and a Maserati MC12 2005.