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The story of the serial killers shows that most of them did a job to pay their bills. And a new book now indicates that there is a correlation of serial killers with specific business areas, as a pattern has sprung up over the last 50 years. In his new book, Murder in Plain English, criminologist Michael Arntfield reveals to us what the 12 professions seem to prefer to the infamous murderers, as these have emerged from historical serial killers.

The author tells us that many have done a lot of work at the same time, while others have gone through various posts in their lives. Arntfield splits these 12 occupations into 4 categories based on skills, training and working hours (whether full-time or part-time).

From the specialized professions, therefore, serial killers prefer aircraft engineer, shoemaker and car cover. In the semi-specialized we meet the forestry / gardener, the professional driver and the warehousekeeper. In the field of unskilled labor, serial killers find irresistible the general worker, the hotel concierge and the gas station employee. And the public sector is particularly fond of the police, the military and the religious officials.

Arntfield argues that serial killers are attracted to these professions because they facilitate their desire to kill and in some cases they kill themselves already in the profession. But what do they offer to the serial killer? “It’s a combination of mobility, power, and the fact that many professions satisfy at the same time the lurking parallels or the sexual anxieties that also feed the crimes of the murderers,” he says.