Jennifer Lopez shows her real face without make-up

And while thousands of women with flawless faces and perfect faces are passing daily from the computer screen, there are some, like Jennifer Lopez, who are not afraid to show themselves in their crude version. “Without make-up, without hair stylinng, without anything”.

Her temperament, her curves, and the way she has embraced everything, have made her a symbol of femininity and beauty. And while in public appearances, we are used to seeing her in her incredible, super-brilliant version, this woman has something unique.

She can be just as wonderful without any care. And she proved it to us once again, in the video she recently uploaded to her account at Instagram.
This shows us her make-up free version with her true, clean and clear-cut face. “So I’m before the show,” she says in her video. “I sit here without hair, without makeup, without anything, trying to prepare spiritually to give you my best self”.

The famous 47-year-old did not stay there. The next day she shared a photo showing her, her children and her current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, at their daily swimming pool, where she once again appears totally amateurish and hair caught in a simple bacon.

Watch the video here