What Jennifer Lopez never drinks

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actor, producer, dancer designer and writer. At 46 she looks better than most of us could ever dream of. This stunning look is largely attributable to her eating habits, including many vegetables and healthy proteins such as salmon, chicken and quinoa.

While she will occasionally surrender to sweet sins (chocolate chip is one of her favorites), she rarely drinks alcohol, does not smoke, never drinks coffee, because, as she explained in “UsWeekly”: “All of these destroys our skin as we grow older” If at any time it allows herself to drink coffee, it is decaffeinated, and has a minimal amount of caffeine.

Caffeine has been associated with not so good things about the skin. It can activate stress hormones, which increase the oiliness of the epidermis, and because of its diuretic properties, coffee is thought to dehydrate the skin. However, these disadvantages of coffee affect only very large quantities, so even if J. Lo drank a cup of coffee every now and then, it would again be glamorous.

It is hard to believe that Lopez with such a busy schedule could live even a day without a little caffeine. She sleeps 9-10 hours a day. Perhaps if we were so relaxed, caffeine would not be necessary.