Jason Carter Will Continue His Grandfather’s Work

Jason Carter, as the speaker for the 2015 Independence Gala in Bulloch County, shared to fellow democrats his plans, leading to what was to become an emotionally charged time.  During his time as speaker in the gala, he talked about his grandfather’s illness and his new role in continuing the work of the Carter Center as chairman which will take effect this November.

The young Carter was best known as the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia last year.  After campaigning against Nathan Deal for governor, Carter is unsure if he would want to run for office again.  Carter revealed that his uncertainty has something to do with his family, which seems to have created new obligations for him.  One significant event that happened in his family several days ago was the resurgence of a previously treated cancer in his famous grandfather, former president Jimmy Carter.

Carter talked about the strength his grandfather showed after learning about his cancer’s spread.  He states that his grandfather’s confrontation of his diagnosis has given his family some comfort, making it easy for them to deal with it.  His grandfather’s strength has also inspired the young Jason Carter, as he is now hopeful in his new position in the Carter Center.