Japan is building electric roads ahead of the Olympic Games

As it became known,  Tokyo authorities have decided to launch the construction of electric roads directly ahead of the Olympic Games to be held in the capital of Japan in 2020. These streets will incorporate solar panels and, in theory, at least the applications are many and impressive.

These roads can be used to produce electricity for homes, businesses, etc. They can take advantage of solar energy to heat the road and not allow ice formation in the streets, provide power for lighting and traffic lights, but also to charge electric cars even when they are on the move. With this move, the Tokyo authorities want to show the city as environmentally friendly as we approach the Olympic and Paralympic Games that will take place there in two years.

The construction and operation of Tokyo electric roads will be closely monitored by the Japanese government, which wants to increase as much as possible the use of renewable energy sources in the country. The target is that Tokyo, by 2030, will cover 30% of its energy needs using renewable energy sources.

The major obstacle to the construction of electric roads is not the technology that has been developed but the cost. It is estimated that for the construction of an electric road one kilometer long, the cost reaches € 5 million. The Japanese government hopes that if the operation of electric roads during the Olympic Games proves to be successful, this will help to advance the construction and construction of such roads in other parts of the country.