Disastrous Climate Change Consequences To Hit Earth In Just Decades

If you haven’t already started planning your environmentally friendly approach on life, or if you haven’t been absolutely terrified by the recent influx of climate change articles, here’s another face-slap of a wake up call.

In a research paper publish in the journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, several scientists including the famous James Hansen made a point – a very vivid and terrifying point – of warning us about the impending consequences of climate change; I say impending as they expect them to happen within the next few decades.

James Hansen warns the public that the 2ºC climate warming is an extremely dangerous benchmark that we recently skipped. He says that the mechanism of how the sea levels rise due to climate change and global warming are not so clear to scientists. From what they could predict, sea levels could rise several meters by the end of our century and we could expect some super freak storms along with the rise. The expect sea-level rise will be high enough to drown many of the world’s coastal cities. Though he doesn’t believe so, James Hansen is afraid we may have passed “the point of no return”.

The consequences of our recklessness start with the irreplaceable damage that our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations will have to suffer from. Furthermore, though sea-level rise is expected, scientists still do not understand how to calculate the rise. Moreover, they are worried that the shift in warm and cold temperatures in the Atlantic due to the melting ice could result in other, more dire and unexpected results. The scientists have a list of apocalyptic predictions including, but not restricted to, collapsing ice sheets, epic super freak storms, and “mega boulder hurling mega waves”. Yes. They predicted that. And what’s worse is that they are giving these predictions a few decades, not centuries, to take place.

In last summer’s UN negotiations in Paris, James Hansen along with other collaborators released a draft that discussed how we could be looking at a 10 ft rise in sea levels within the next 50 years. Now if these apocalyptic predictions do not push us into doing our best to minimize the consequences… then, we are definitely far beyond hope of being saved.