Ivan Savvidis is wanted. Arrest warant against PAOK owner

Early on Monday morning (March 12, 2018), a search warrant was issued in the context of the self-defense against Ivan Savvides and four other people who invaded the field for violations of the law on athletic violence and illegal invasion of sports.

The derby of the 25th game between PAOK and AEK was not completed as the referee, George Kominis and his assistants, after the 89th minute (initial Varela goal count, his subsequent cancellation, invasion of Ivan Savvidi and Lambos Michiel in the pitch) Ilias Alexeas and Konstantinos Pontikis, left for Toumpa changing rooms.

The referee closed the match sheet !. 1-0 in favor of PAOK and AEK’s refusal to go out after the break, was the referee’s decision Shock is caused by the photographic material, which depicts Mr. Savvides with a pistol in his belt. The case was reported by AEK, and the issue was also released in the international media.

The hosts scored in the 90 ‘with Varela, but Assistant Pontius showed offside considering Maurizio influenced the stage and called Komine to explain his decision.