Israel will send its first space mission to the moon in December

A private Israeli non-profit institution named SpaceIL announced today (10/7/2018) plans to launch its first spacecraft on the moon in December 2018 to further boost its reputation Israel in the field of high technology, which is a particularly great achievement when considering the small population of the country.

The unmanned spacecraft will weigh about 585 kilos at its launch, and it is estimated that it will land on the Moon on February 13, 2019, of course if everything goes according to the plan, organizers said SpaceIL to reporters. The space mission will be launched through a missile to be built by SpaceX by American businessman Elon Musk and his mission will include research into the magnetic field of the moon.

However, his first task would be to plant an Israeli flag on the moon, the organizers said, to leave Israel’s mark on space. The project was launched in the framework of Google Lunar XPrize, which offered $ 30 million (25 million) awards to encourage scientists and entrepreneurs to create space missions that will land on the moon at a relatively low cost.

SpaceIL, which has not managed to get this major funding eventually, will work with the state-run Israel Aerospace Industries. It is worth noting that the Google contest ended in March, but none of the participants achieved its goal, but the Israeli team promised to complete its goal this year.

This particular private initiative is expected to cost about $ 95 million, backed largely by Israeli billionaire Morris Kahn. All we have to do is see if this grand project is successful, but like this small state has put glasses in advanced countries with enormous economic potential.