Instagram’s dazzling model with a rare disease has gone viral worldwide!

Sarah McDaniel, who may have been another typically beautiful model, but has managed to write a story with her own, unique brand name. Her eyes. 22-year-old Sarah was born with heterochromia of the iris, a genetic anomaly that makes the iris of each eye different from each other.

So one eye is brown-honey and the other one blue. The feature which, as we have said, is considered a genetic anomaly, has been proven an advantage  for Sarah (apparently). Her eyes not only have not blocked her modelling career, but have taken her off since it is the feature that makes her stand out from the rest of the models on the other side of the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, she must be one of the few women that the male population actually looks at in her eyes. According to Medicine.net, iris heterochromia occurs 6 times in 1000 births. This, combined with her highly feminine and rich curved body shape, allowing her to work as a super modell, makes Sarah a genuinely extremely lucky case.

For your informations, in Instagram, where you will find her under the name Krotchy, she counts more than 906,000 followers to whom she gives sexy shots very often.